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Listed below you will find detailed information on our wholesale program. I'm happy to provide recommendations on scents that will do well in your store so don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions!

Our candles come in two different jar sizes and one size tin. All candles come with cotton wicks. If you're looking for wooden wick candles please visit our sister store, Sonoran Aura, home of the wooden wick clay and amber luxury candles.

Certain candles like Cactus Blossom, Palo Santo and Calm the Fuck Down come with "embeds". These are small add-ons that cost a little extra. 

Our Classic line of candles are available year-round. Everything else is poured seasonally. View our fragrance list here.

Minimum Order Quantity: 24 Candles per order
Maximum Number of Scents: Four

 Large 9 oz. Jars Wholesale Price MSRP
Cotton Wick with embed $20 $30+
Cotton Wick without embed $19 $28+


Small 7 oz. Jars Wholesale Price MSRP
Cotton Wick with embed $18 $27+
Cotton Wick without embed $16 $25+


 Small 6 oz. Tins Wholesale Price MSRP
Silver Tin - Cotton wick with embed $11 $16+
Silver Tin - Cotton wick without embed $10 $15+
Black Tin (Apothecary) $12 $18+


 Miscellaneous Products Wholesale Price MSRP
Car Diffusers $8 $12+
Wax Melts $8 $14+
Wick Trimmers $8 $14+


Wholesale Guidelines

  • Pricing Guidelines
    • It is recommended that products be sold within the MSRP, however, we understand that you may want to adjust that pricing based on your clientele/location. At no point should products be less than the price in which they can be purchased on crasscandleco.com, unless they are temporarily listed as sale items.
  • Delivery + Shipping Costs
    • Delivery is free if the drop-off location is within 20 miles of 85008 zip code. $15 for orders 20-30 miles away and $20 delivery fee for all orders 30-40 miles. 
    • Shipping cost will be passed on to the buyer based on weight and dimensions of order. 
  • Minimums
    • 24 candle minimum (Max 2 sizes, 4 scents)
    • 12 diffuser minimum
  • Seasonal Minimums
    • Fall & Holiday Candles: 24 candles / 2 scents
  • Seasonal Special Pricing
    • Pricing for Christmas and Fall Candles are the same as listed above with the exception of Black Flame Candles (see below)
    • Orders for Black Flame Candles should be placed by October 1
      • Black Flame Candle Pricing: $15 for tins / $18 for jars
      • MSRP: $20+ for tins / $26+ for jars
  • Ordering
    • Ordering should be done via email to crasscandleco@gmail.com with your desired quantity of candles, vessel size(s) and scent.
    • Orders will be ready within 5-7 business days. 
    • Rush delivery upon request (may incur additional charge)
  • Invoices + Payment
    • Once an order is placed, an invoice will be sent from us via email and must be paid on date of delivery.
    • A 50% deposit is required on orders over 48 candles.
  • Exchanges
    • If a product is not selling after 90 days I'm happy to exchange the item(s) for something else or process a refund.
  • Returns
    • I will accept returned items only if they are unburned and in their original condition.
    • I will process a refund for any defective items.

Display of Product
I trust that you know what will look best in your store but here are some recommendations based on my years in the candle biz. :)

Customers want to SMELL the candles! Make them easy to reach and handle. If possible, have one of each scent open so it's easy to grab and smell. Not only will that disperse the fragrance throughout your shop but it's also a nice way to draw the customer in to the space. Consider placing candles near your front door or in a walkway. 

We make a custom hexagon wood shelf that holds up to 30 candles. It can either be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf. Inquire for more details.

If you're interested in a custom CCco acrylic sign with business information and QR code, please let me know. Otherwise business cards are available for display.

Thank you for your interest in selling our products in your shop! We look forward to working with you :) 

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