Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Did you know that the tins and glass jars that your candles come in are recyclable and reusable? Pretty much anything is if you put your mind to it! We've put our mind to it for you so here's some helpful information:

First you need to get the wax out. When your candle is almost done burning (no more than 1/4 inch from the bottom!) you should carefully blow it out. Pour the remaining wax into the trash - not down your drain. Use a spoon to detach the wick plate from the bottom of the jar. Wipe out the container with a paper towel then use either rubbing alcohol or hot soapy water to clean the wax from the container. Do not put your candle in the microwave to melt the wax! The wick plate is made of metal and common sense tells us to not put metal in the microwave!

Classic Tin Ideas

  • Use your tins to store paper clips, random screws/nails, thumb tacks, or loose change! The tins fit nicely into your junk drawer. Yes, we all know about your junk drawer. Don't be ashamed!
  • Have your kids paint the tin and lid then use it to store their allowance or rock collection. 
  • As long as you clean them thoroughly they are food safe! Store snacks or dry goods in them for trips in the car or to throw in your purse.

Glass Jar Ideas
Use the jars to store fresh flowers, pens, combs, makeup brushes and other larger items. Or grab some tea lights or votive candles and reuse it as a candle holder! 

Let us know if you use your vessels another way because we'd love to share!

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