How to use wax refills!

Since the inception of our business we have been on a mission to create products that are not only less harmful to the beautiful humans that buy them but are also more ecological and earth-friendly.

Now you can purchase wax REFILLS which allow you to keep the same jar you originally purchased and use it over and over again!

Ready to use your first refill? Get started below.

  • First you need to get the remaining wax out of your jar. When your candle is almost done burning (no more than 1/4 inch from the bottom!) you should carefully blow it out and use a spoon to detach the wick plate. It should come out fairly easy. Pour the wax into the trash - not down your drain - and discard the wick.
    • Has your candle already cooled and your wax is hard? No worries, just throw it in the oven or set it on a wax warmer to melt the wax! Do not put your candle in the microwave to melt the wax! The wick plate is made of metal and common sense tells us to not put metal in the microwave!
    • Another method is to place your candle in the freezer. This hardens the wax enough so that you can scrape it out in one big piece.
  • Once the wax is out, wipe out the container with a paper towel then use either rubbing alcohol or soap and warm water to clean the wax from the container.
  • Now you're ready to insert your wax refill! Simply remove the wick tab (that little piece of paper covering the sticker) from the bottom and place the candle in your empty jar. The sticker is there to help secure the refill in the jar.
  • Don't forget to trim your wick before each burn!

You're ready to light your new candle. Let us know what you think!

Shop for 7 ounce wax refills or 9 oz. wax refills.

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